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German hockey team boosts its performance by BAT

In 2012 the ice hockey team “Moskitos” was in the German league on place 9 just for the descent although the player from their personal quality could perform much better. I was called in to analyze the problem and made toes analyzes of all 23 players, the coach together with the hockey club board members. The analyses showed that too many players were leaders who did not want to be lead and not willing to perform as a team. With the feedback of the individual analyzes the coach reshuffled the positions and said goodbye to some players. After these changes the team attitude became much better which was shown that the team ended on the 5th place in the league in the final round of the playoffs in the same year. Since in the ice hockey sport is known by very fast player changes, there is little time left for the team and the coach to get to know each other. The toe reading analyzes were very helpful to make the correct decisions in terms of the team and the individual players. This year, 2013 quite some young not really experienced new players entered the team. I was called in to read the toes from the newcomers but the whole team came for individual sessions to my office. These new members were besides not experienced very emotional and all expressed their disliking of the coach. Checking the previous analyses I made from the coach I well understood the disliking which I discussed with the club board members. It was the decision of the board to look for another coach. Reading toes also works excellent in team sports because the human causes are visible at a glance. – Courtesy of BAT analyst Monika Sundermann